November 2021 Newsletter


Grand Valley United Methodist Church
November 2021 Newsletter


In this newsletter:

1. Thanksgiving Dinners
2. Vacation Bible Study
3. New Bible Study
4. Birthdays
5. Calendar
6. Event Details
7. Pastor’s Report
8. Church Reports
9. Goals
10. New address                                                                                                                                                            11. Just for Fun



Thanksgiving Dinners

There will be 2 opportunities to gather and celebrate Thanksgiving with a turkey dinner and all the fixings! The first will be for the congregation on Sunday, November 21st at 6:00 pm. There will also be a dinner served on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 25th mid-day. If you will be travelling for Thanksgiving, or having family visiting that day, feel free to join us on November 21st. Of course, you can always bring family on Thanksgiving Day as well!!

Vacation Bible Study Program in the Holy Land

Planning continues for the Vacation Bible Study Program in the Holy Land, July 20-August 9, 2022. We are seeking a few dedicated people to be leaders along with the pastor. Please prayerfully consider if this is something that God is calling on your to consider. A travel itinerary and estimated cost will be available in the near future.


New Bible Study

We will be starting our new Bible Study, Where Do We Go From Here? by Dr. David Jeremiah, on November 3rd. We are offering two different times – 10:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. – and hope you can join us. In the light of current events what are the prophetic scriptures that give us hope?

A synopsis: Why study biblical prophecy? Because future events cast their shadows before them! The prophetic passages of Scripture are God’s transfusion of hope to our hearts. They show us that God is sovereign. That He is still on the throne, no matter what may be building up or crashing down in the world around us. Where Do We Go From Here? shines the laser of God’s prophetic wisdom on ten critical themes:
1. Socialism
2. Globalism
3. Pandemics and plagues
4. Economic chaos
5. Apostasy in the church
6. The encroachment of evil
7. Cancel culture
8. Spiritual famine
9. Jerusalem under threat
10. The triumph of the gospel

These pages are a call to action in light of current events. In the words of Dr. Jeremiah: The Lord told us about this epoch in advance, and it’s a privilege to be His agents on the crest of history. We are not helpless, and our world is not hopeless. Even as the world collapses, the Lord is building His church. We can say something, do something, pray something, preach something, and live by the convictions of Christ.


November Birthdays:

1 – Cathy Carlson
9 – Adelia Inman
10 – Abby Rose Parker
11 – Ted Birdsill
11 – Carmen Litschewski
16 – Deb Meader
21 – Jennifer Chapman-Gisner
22 – Dave Penrose
27 – John Chapman
27 – Stacey Dean



women serving others

The next UMW meeting will be held on Thursday, November 4th at 10:00 in the Fellowship Hall. We hope you can join us!

Praying in Christ name

Prayer Partners meet the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 10:00. If you have anyone that you would like to add to the Prayer Partner list, please contact either Bert Botkins at (970)216-8682, the church office at (970)285-9892 or send an email to: [email protected]

Join us for Bible Study every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. or at 6:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. We are starting a new study on November 3rd. We hope you can join us.


Our Bell Choir and Choir are in full swing! We are always looking for participants, so if you would like to join either of these wonderful musical groups, please contact the office at (970)285-9892 or by email: [email protected]


Rev. J.R. Atkins
Grand Valley United Methodist Church
October 2021 Pastor’s Report

1. Church Goals –The team will meet again on October 19 at noon to finalize the church goals which will be presented to the church on Sunday, October 24th.

2. Nominations Committee – The Nominating Committee will be getting together soon to identify potential leaders for the coming year. If you feel called to serve in a particular role that we currently have or a new role, please let the Pastor know.

3. Faith & Blue – GVUMC joined many other churches across the country in recognizing local law enforcement officers on Sunday, October 10 for Faith & Blue Sunday. 2 Officers from the Parachute Police Department visited the church and received a church coffee mug as a token of our appreciation for their service. Even though no one from the Sherriff’s Department was able to attend, an email about the event and our church participation went out to the entire Sherriff’s Department. This serves as a reminder that we are praying for them and we are here to support them.

4. Christmas 2021 – Please mark your calendars for the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service to be held inside on Dec 24 at 7:30 pm. We are also offering 2 opportunities to celebrate Christmas with dinner. The first is a “dinner and show” on Sunday, December 12th at 5:00. A Christmas dinner will be served, followed by our children performing the Christmas Story in the sanctuary. We will also be providing Christmas Dinner on Christmas day, mid-day. More information will be in the December newsletter.

5. Non-Church – The Friday evening family gathering continues to grow and mature as a group. Other leaders are arising from the Group such as Sonya Gomez and Tony Scarpelos. If you would like to visit this group and meet some of the new people, please let Michelle Foster know so you can schedule a Friday evening visit. The need for current church members to assist with childcare continues as the size of the gathering grows. God is moving in our community, and it is exciting to see God active in the lives of new and current people.

Peace be with you,
Pastor J.R. Atkins.

UMW Report

There were four women in attendance at the October meeting. They discussed the feasibility of having the cookie sale. Michelle will be asking for commitments for baking. If we don’t get enough, we won’t be able to have a sale this year.

We are looking for more women to attend! Interested? Not sure what it’s all about? Talk to Michelle on Sunday after the worship service.

Church Council Report

Church Council met on Tuesday, October 19th in the Fellowship Hall with 11 in attendance, with Penelope joining by Zoom.

Penelope presented the preliminary budget for 2022 which will require the church to dip into the reserve fund as we will be operating at a significant deficit. All committees were asked to review their needs and make adjustments where possible. The budget will be reviewed again in November.

Fred Inman reported that the piano will be here very soon and it was decided to move the Clavinova into the Fellowship Hall for the immediate future and re-evaluate its usage over the next few months. The piano will need to find a new home once the new piano arrives.

The painting of the church is almost complete (should be done as you read this). The Faith House will be done as weather permits.

Sonya Brinkerhoff, who is part of the Friday night “Non-Church” stopped in briefly to be introduced and meet the council. She has a background in event planning and is working with Robin on a variety of activities for children and young adults.

Al Reuter reported that the memorial committee has 2 additional stones to be installed this week.

Laurel reported from Missions & Outreach that the garden is over for the season. It is cleaned up and is ready for the compost to be delivered and tilled in. She is looking for help in unloading the compost and getting it spread. Laurel mentioned that the Resource Center is in need of canned goods, cereals, rice, beans, pasta…. Anything with a shelf life. In addition, she asked to move $750 from the shoe fund to Grand Valley Givers for Christmas.

Robin reported that there were 14 adults and kids at the Friday night gathering. It was announced that there will be a Family Festival on the 29th of October from 4-6 or 7. They need help with baking and games.

Goals have been tabulated and a report to the congregations will be ready soon.

It was decided to discontinue the Right Now Media program for the time being. It can be resumed in the future if we wish.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30.

Mission & Outreach

See Council Report.



This is the month that the Council will be working on 2022’s budget. Our 2021 budget had anticipated a deficit of $15,200. As of the end of September, we only had a deficit of $1,300 whereas we had expected to already be at $11,760. The difference is partly to do with your generosity – Thank You! – and partially to do with budgets not being expended. It also has to do with higher utility bills, work that needed to be done on the parsonage, and work that is being done around the church and Faith House. You will be receiving more information about the budget, and your pledge cards, sometime in November, I believe.

The deficit will become larger in the coming months. This is because the painting of the church and Faith House and removal of the trees are considered maintenance and will be coming from our operations budget. The Council had not budgeted for it this year, but felt it needed to be done. In addition, the balance of the sanctuary door will have to be paid. There may be some funds that we have received to offset those costs, depending on the decision of the Council.

We finally have the ending balance on the Shoe account. Because people were so generous, there was an extra $1,100 this year. Missions and Outreach may ask that the Council approve moving some of that money to the Grand Valley Givers so that there are funds to purchase the Christmas Gifts for kids.

As always, if you have any financial questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 231-383-0488, [email protected], or catch me at Church.

Until next month,
Penelope Olson, Treasurer

GVUMC Goals in Order – 10/19/21

The Grand Valley United Methodist Church shall be a Church that shows the world the true love of God and spreads the word of God as our Lord and Savior by educating people of all ages, in a loving accepting manner.
1. Attract 18-39 and 40+ age groups to start attending church regularly by attracting, by May 1, 2022, ten (10) families to regularly attend the Friday potluck meeting. (28 points)
2. Weeknight worship (25 points)
3. Attract, by November 12, 2021, six (6) new families or individuals to participate in our Church life. This includes Sunday worship, Bible Study, Prayer Shawl, UMW, Missions and Outreach activities, working in the garden, and being in the choirs. (24 points)
4. Increase size of Children and youth in Christian Ed. Such as Sunday School, Friday night, After School and or “Youth Group” night (24 points)
5. Church Outing, to Events, Travel such as plays, concerts, sporting events (20 points)
6. Form a Congregational Care Team (20 points)
7. Find fifteen (15) new people from our current congregation to help nurture the Friday potluck meeting. (18 points)
8. Missions: reach further away, in addition to current school age-oriented programs , to local seniors (rides, companionship), feeding beyond lift up and the resource center, (16 points)
9. Invite people from Friday Night, Bible Study, other events to Sunday Worship (16 points)
10. Children’s Music Program (14 points)
11. Contemporary Worship (13 points)
12. Blessing of the animals (12 points)
13. Expand Mesa Vista to include more people from church ( 12 points)
14. From a contemporary Christian music band/group (12 points)
15. From an “Events Team” to help with new events such as national night out, not current programs unless asked (10 points)
16. Form a Media Team or communications team (8 points)
17. Add solar power lights, little white lights, strung outside (somewhere, parking lot?) that come on at night (8 points)
18. Fly the Christian Flag (8 points)
19. Music Lessons taught at Church (7 points)
20. Open Church hours with volunteers, training on how to help: $, food, local information, prayer (7 points)
21. Offer Leadership Training for current and new people. (7 points)
22. Add lights to the Flagpole (6 points)
23. Invite people to become “Members” who are regular attendees (6 points)
24. Increase access by community on our property, “use of space”, additional playground items (5 points)
25. Develop list of possible memorial gifts: Van, tree, meeting space/room, (4 points)
26. Live Nativity on church lawn for Christmas (3 points)


Bonnie Gana
2615 SW 87th Place
Ocala FL 34476

We wish Bonnie all the best! She will be missed here at GVUMC!


If you haven’t noticed, the church has had a wonderful “face lift”! There is a new coat of paint on the church as well as on the doors. Grand Valley UMC looks great! The Faith House will also be getting painted, but we will be waiting until Spring to get that done.

Dad, are we pyromaniacs? Yes, we arson.
What do you call a pig with laryngitis? Disgruntled.
Writing my name in cursive is my signature move.
Why do bees stay in their hives during winter? Swarm.
If you’re bad at haggling, you’ll end up paying the price.
Just so everyone’s clear, I’m going to put my glasses on.
A commander walks into a bar and orders everyone around.
I lost my job as a stage designer. I left without making a scene.
Never buy flowers from a monk. Only you can prevent florist friars.
How much did the pirate pay to get his ears pierced? A buccaneer.
I once worked at a cheap pizza shop to get by. I kneaded the dough.
My friends and I have named our band “Duvet”. It’s a cover band.

More next month!


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