Grand Valley United Methodist Church is excited to be a part of the big day in a couple’s life when they decide to become married. We have multiple locations available for your wedding in our Parachute Church.

  • The Sanctuary
  • The Church Lawn
  • The Fellowship Hall
  • The Faith Faith House

To help commemorate your special day, we offer several services to help you.

  • Licensed and Experienced Minister to perform the wedding ceremony
  • Music from a live piano player or recorded music delivered through the Audio Visual System
  • Video and Images can be displayed on a large monitor at the front of the Church, Fellowship Hall, or Faith House.
  • Refreshment can be provided upon request or you can bring your own (No alcohol served on church property).
  • Very basic video recording assistance
  • Provision of a basic bulletin of the wedding service


Pre-marriage counseling with a minister is available as a part of your wedding plans as an additional service.

Please stop by the church on a Sunday from 9:00-10:00 or during office hours to see the church.