June 2021 Newsletter

Grand Valley United Methodist Church
June 2021 Newsletter


In this newsletter:
1. New Email Address
2. Yard Sale
3. Worship Update
4. Pastor’s Report
5. Happy Father’s Day
6. VBS
7. Congratulations!
8. Book Disucssion Group
9. Lift Up
10. Birthdays
11. Mefors Update
12. Calendar
13. Event Details
14. Church Reports
15. Just for Fun



Be sure you are using our new email address: [email protected].

June 5th 9:00-3:00
Church/Multi-Family Yard Sale held at Grand Valley United Methodist Church
132 N. Parachute Ave.
Everything priced to sell!


Are you saving your household items, tools, books, jewelry, and small appliances (in working order, of course) for the UMW yard sale on June 5th? Remember, you may bring your items to Church starting on May 30th. Please do not bring TV’s, large furniture, computers, printers, other electronics (we have to pay to dispose of them) and items that are too worn to sell. Thank you.

We need your help to set-up, price, man, and pack-up this sale. UMW has lost a lot of members to moves and so are reaching out to all of you for your help. There is a sign-up sheet on the table outside the sanctuary. Please consider signing up. Even if you can only come for one hour, not a whole shift, please sign up for that time. We also need a few of those who know how to set up the tent to come to the Church on Friday morning about 10 to help us set it up. We probably can figure it out ourselves, but it would so much easier to have the help of those who already know. We also need help tearing it down at 3 on Saturday.

UMW has pledged $500 to the UMW Western Colorado/Utah District. This money then goes, along with other groups money, to the Mountain Sky UMW for missions. We have also pledged $1,000 for our missionaries, the Pedersons. This sale will help us towards that $1,500 that we are committed to. We also like to give funds to other groups, so the more we can raise, the more we can give. Thank you for your help.

Worship Update

With the recent elimination of many of the COVID restrictions, the church is “opening up”!! Masks are no longer required, social distancing is easing and Fellowship after church has resumed. There will be a sign-up sheet inthe hallway for those who would like to bring treats for Fellowship.

Church service on Father’s Day – June 9th – will be held outside on the lawn at Bert Botkin’s home on Morrisania Mesa. Mark this date on your calendar. Further details will be announced at church and will be in the bulletin.


May 2021 Pastor’s Report – Grand Valley United Methodist Church – Rev. J.R. Atkins

1. Vision – The worship theme for May is Vision and will continue through the 2nd week of June. At that service, the goal is to pass out 3×5 cards to those in worship and give them time to list one or more visions for the church in the coming months or years. I would like to work with a few others to summarize the visions and present them for consideration to the congregation. At some point the members would agree upon the vision(s) for the church and consecrate them during a worship service. This is a work in progress and input from the council is needed and appreciated.

2. Autopsy of a Deceased Church Book – On Tuesday May 18, a group of people from our congregations will begin a study and discussion of the book, Autopsy of a Deceased Church by Thom S. Rainer. This study is being co-led by Bert Bodkin and Garland White. Their goal is to apply the book discussion to our church, which coincides nicely with the Vision worship series.

3. Young Family Gathering – Friday, May 21st, there was a young family gathering in the fellowship hall. The primary leaders of this were Robin Troche and Ashlea Armistead. We fed them a simple meal prepared by members of the church. The goal is to listen to them and what they would like in a weekly or bi-weekly gathering. Although we are encouraging them and providing a meeting space, the idea is from them to carry our future plans, meals and reach out to others to join them.

Peace be with you,
Pastor J.R. Atkins.

We would like to wish you a very Happy Father’s Day!

Vacation Bible School

Our Vacation Bible School will be running from Monday, June 14th – Friday, June 18th from 9-noon each day in the Faith House here at the church. There will be lots of fun activities and we appreciate all of you that are helping Deb and Bonnie with this very worthwhile activity.


Michelle Foster was officially recognized for her Quiet Disciple award at the May 2nd Sunday service. We are so proud of what she has done for GVUMC! Thank you, Michelle!!

Book Discussion Group

Session 1 of the book discussion of “Autopsy of a Deceased Church” was held on May 18th with 17 in attendance. Bert Botkin and Garland White are leading the discussion. The 1st meeting focused on the history of the GVUMC and where we are today. The next session will be held on May 23rd and will begin exploring the future of our church. Currently, the plan is to take a beak of a few weeks and resume discussion after our VBS. Dates to be announced. If you would like more information, please contact either Bert or Garland.


Parachute – 2nd and 4th Fridays from 3:35 pm – 5:30 pm
Groups, individuals and teams needed.
* Parachute: M–F • 9am–4pm

Both of these opportunities are at the Lift Up Warehouse, 201 E. 1st Street in Parachute.

There is a volunteer sign-up portal which can be found at their website https://www.liftup.org/volunteer which details the process of becoming a volunteer. If you don’t have access to a computer, to complete this registration, or if you have any other questions, you can contact Sophia at (970)456-2804. She would be hapy to get you signed up!

June Birthdays:
8 – Rosemary Kious
17 – Don Morton
19 – Jim Ness
20 – Susan Stoakes
21 – Tom Meader
21 – Carol Morton
23 – Chris Dean
26 – Penelope Olson
27 – Shelley Parker
28 – Beanie Branaman
28 – June Zacharias

Mefors Update

In March we had a special offering collected to help the Mefors – our couple that we are sponsoring in their ministries in Africa – and thanks to the generous giving they were able to purchase a much needed refrigerated cabinet! Thank you all.



women serving others

The next UMW meeting will be held on Thursday, June 3rd at 10:00 in the Fellowship Hall. Please wear a mask and practice social distancing. We hope you can join us!

Praying in Christ namePrayer Partners meet the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 10:00. If you have anyone that you would like to add to the Prayer Partner list, please contact Betty at (970)531-6216 or send an email to: [email protected]

Our Bible Study group meets every Wednesday at 10:00 in the Fellowship Hall. Lively discussions usually occur! We welcome anyone who would like to join us on Wednesdays! We ask that you please wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Our Bell Choir and Choir are on summer hiatus until Labor Day. We are always looking for participants, so if you would like to join either of these wonderful musical groups, please contact the office at (970)285-9892 or by email: [email protected]


UMW Report

May 6, 2021
UMW was called to order by President Michelle Foster.

Attending were: Bert, Betty, Rosemary, Allison, Michelle. Penelope and Debbie

Hostess was Betty – lovely Lemon bars.

Program as presented by Penelope – Building connections and networks and how those change and reconstruct. Bold Steps in Defining Injustice. Read from Exodus.

Devotions by Allison- Running the Race as A Winner, the Second Thirty Days by Allison Kohn

Michelle discussed recent books she had read. Money to Advanced Safe House for classes for women. Approved financial report and minutes.

We will continue to meet during the summer.

Beanie still keeping in touch, but had to go through another shutdown in her facility.

Yard Sale- June 3, 12n-5pm Set up; June 4, 10-12 am; June 5 Outside 9a-11a.

Please bring your donated items to the church. No adult clothes or large appliances or electronics.

Adjourned 11:20 am

Church Council Report

May 18, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 2:10 p.m. by president Ron Olson. In attendance were Ron and Penelope Olson, J. R. Atkins, Al Reuter, Michelle Foster, Bert Botkin, Laurel Koning, and Ted Birdsill. Pastor Atkins led us in prayer.

Secretary’s Report – Michelle moved, Ted seconded, to accept the minutes as printed in the newsletter. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – We have received $5,367 from the estate of Frelon Mardick. Penelope made the motion to restrict the Frelon Mardick funds for operating expenses. Ted seconded. Motion carried. There were no questions on the financial statements. Penelope also told the Council that the Church had joined the class action suit against the Boys Scouts of America on advice of the Conference in order to protect the Church and the Conference.

Finance – Michelle reported that she and Penelope would be meeting soon to discuss what Penelope learned in a recent webinar and will come back with recommendations then.

Trustees – No was in attendance to represent the Trustees, but Penelope reported that she had spoken will Fred Inman about having the sanctuary floor stripped and waxed. He will find someone to do that and clean the carpets.

The Council noted the following items for the trustees to follow up on:
Bert noted that the sanctuary smelled musty.
There is a request to get a new door into the sanctuary.
It was requested that the edge of the walk at the back of the Church be painted yellow for safety concerns.
Before VBS, they would like to have sand put in the sandboxes, the playground be cleaned up, and a safety check be done on the equipment.
It was requested that we look into paving the parking lot.

Memorial Committee – Al will get bids to mow off the juniper and put down barrier and lava rock in front of the Church so it will be ready for more memorial stones. He will also come up with a written policy on memorial stones.

Mission and Outreach – The plants have been planted in the garden and they are putting down barrier so that they will not have to weed very much.
Laurel gave us an update on Lift Up. She had contacted the interim director who put her off to an intern. They will not be reopening the thrift store but they need volunteers for packing food bags.
Mesa Vista is now included in the distribution of the Daily Bread booklets.

Worship Committee – The Worship Committee is looking for guidance from the Council as to how to proceed with getting back to “normal.” The Council directed the committee to go ahead and put out all of the chairs, which they will need help with. Fellowship can resume as normal, with homemade goodies. Communion will be as usual also.

UMW – UMW will be meeting all summer this year. Their big fundraiser will be the Rummage Sale on June 5th. Depending on how it goes they may have it again another Saturday in June. Michelle has access to a flatbed trailer and a large shop where we can store things for a week or two. They will need help from the congregation as their numbers are few and they have some physical challenges.

SPRC – Met in March and will meet again in June.

Christian Education – Bonnie and Debbie are really working hard on VBS.

Pastor’s Report – See separate article earlier in this newsletter

Music Committee – Dalace will continue to play during the service even when the choir is not playing. She will receive $50 per week. The Choir will be singing this next Sunday for the last time until September.

New Business

We are in need of a new financial secretary. Pastor Atkins is working on it. Michelle asked if the money needed to be counted on Sundays. The finance committee will get together to discuss this.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Penelope E. Olson
Acting Secretary

Mission & Outreach Report

We have started into our “busy” season. On Monday, May 17th, we planted our entire garden. We had 12 great helpers which made the process a little easier – and made everything go quicker. On Tuesday, we began laying the landscape material that will help keep the weeds eliminated. Our next session to get more material down will be Monday, May 25th. All can help!!!!

Our committee is also talking about what we can do to help the reopening of the church. We are hoping to schedule some potluck dinners to allow everyone to reconnect with each other.

Ted continues to make sure that The Daily Bread booklets are distributed to the nearby hotels. We have also added Mesa Vista for this distribution.

Plans also exist to again participate in the Movies Under the Stars with hopes that we can do the hot dog distribution in early August.

Please let any member of the Mission and Outreach committee know if there is something we can do to help you. We are here. We are willing. We are ready!

Treasurer Report

Financially, the month of April came in fairly close to the budgeted deficit even though revenues were below budget because of pledged giving. Fortunately, expenditures were under budget, so the deficit ended up only at nearly $1,900. So far this year, we had budgeted a $5,000 deficit, but we still have a $5,000 surplus, even after the deficit we had during April. The Church’s long-term investments did well this month, gaining $5,400.

During April, we received a $1,000 grant from the Mountain Sky Conference to be use for the PC, TV’s, installation and training. We also received a bequest from Frelon Mardick’s estate in the amount of $5,367. Her will stated it is for operating expenses, but it has been placed in temporarily restricted funds until the Council decides whether they want it to stay there. If it is to go for operating expenses, then it will be recognized as revenues during May.


Points to Ponder:
– If a bottle of poison reaches its expiration date, is it more poisonous or is it no
longer poisonous?
– Which letter is silent in the word “scent” – the S or the C?
– Do twins ever realize that one of them is unplanned?
– Why is the letter W in English called double U? Shouldn’t it be called double V?
– Every time you clean something, you just make something else dirty.



Church Contact Information
PO Box 125
Parachute CO 81635
[email protected]

Wednesday – Friday
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