Custodian Needed

Grand Valley United Methodist Church has a need for a Custodian to clean our church facilities on a weekly basis. There is a full description of duties below. If you are interested, please contact the church office for an application packet. A drug test and background check are required prior to employment. The hourly rate being offered is $12.90.

Download Application Packet here.

Description of Duties of the Grand Valley UMC Custodian

The custodian has the responsibility of regularly cleaning and maintaining the church facility so that it is in a state of readiness for all church and community users.

Contractual Period:  As long as the relationship is mutually satisfactory for the employer (the Board of Trustees) and the employee (the custodian).

Supervision:  Chairperson or a designated member of the Board of Trustees and the Pastor.

Work Hours:  Up to 10 hours per week, worked on a flexible schedule. There may be additional cleaning required due to special events from time to time.

The work shall be performed on Friday or Saturday, unless requested otherwise by the pastor or Trustee or SPRC chairs.

NOTE:  Job performance will be judged on the thoroughness of the cleaning/maintenance tasks completed, not solely on the number of hours spent working.

Compensation:  $12.90/hour.  Any adjustment of the compensation will be determined annually by a joint custodial review team made up of three members of the Staff Parish Relations Committee and the Board of Trustees, and approved by the Church Council.

Non-working days:  Standard holidays are recognized. For the custodian, preparing the church for major religious holidays may actually require additional cleaning and setup. The most obvious examples are Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter when there are special events and when the sanctuary is elaborately decorated. Trustees will be available to set up tables and chairs as needed for these and other occasional fellowship opportunities.

Tools:  The church provides all necessary tools and equipment or pays for them to be rented – the custodian is not expected or required to bring his/her own equipment or supplies to the job.

Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expense:  Custodian should provide receipts to the church treasurer for reimbursement of costs of supplies purchased on an emergency basis.

Attributes and Skills Required of the Custodian

  • Be attentive to detail, and be a careful, meticulous cleaner.
  • Be able to operate various types of cleaning equipment.
  • Be able to remember and carry out oral and written instructions.
  • Honesty
  • Communicate regularly with the “liaison” designated by the Board of Trustees.
  • Be able to work independently. (Note: the custodian may often be the only one present in the building.)
  • Arrange for maintenance and upkeep of the church’s cleaning equipment as needed. The custodian should notify the Trustees if he/she feels that additional cleaning equipment is needed, or if existing equipment needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Be a good time manager. The custodian should not expend excessive time on simple tasks but should afford appropriate attention to the more important tasks.
  • Must possess a current Colorado driver’s license.

Suggested intervals for cleaning tasks:

The custodian is expected to perform these tasks weekly:


  • Dust all wood furniture. This includes the altar and Baptismal.
  • Wipe off window sills.
  • Clean glass on the altar
  • Dustmop floors and mop. Sometimes can skip a week if the floors look clean, particularly in the warmer months.
  • Vacuum carpeting weekly. This includes the area rug in the back of the Sanctuary.
  • Lightly spray all upholstered chairs with alcohol/water mixture in spray bottle under the kitchen sink. Bottle is labeled 2 parts alcohol to 1 part water.
  • Sanitize with bleach/water mixture (9 parts water to 1 part bleach) door knobs, light switches, music stands, microphone stand.
  • Check for cobwebs


  • Sanitize counters and tables with bleach/water mixture
  • Wipe off refrigerator, stoves and dishwasher. Check inside of microwave.
  • Sweep and mop floor
  • Sanitize door knobs, light switches
  • Clean sinks
  • Run dishwasher if needed (this should be done at the beginning of the work time so that it may be unloaded before leaving.)


Fellowship Hall

  • Dust bookcases
  • Sanitize tables, chairs and counter
  • Sweep and mop floor
  • Vacuum carpet
  • Sanitize door knobs and light switches
  • Check for cobwebs, especially around Exit sign


  • Clean sinks and toilets thoroughly. Suggestion: pour a little bleach in the urinal and let it sit after cleaning the bathrooms
  • Wipe off mirrors
  • Sanitize door knobs and also handicap bars in stalls
  • Each week pick an area of stall walls/doors to clean.
  • Mop floors


  • Dust stand in vestibule and other wooden counters and furniture in hall
  • Check for bugs in vestibule and vacuum corners if needed
  • Vacuum carpeting. Shake rugs outside
  • Lightly spray upholstered furniture with alcohol/water mixture
  • Clean wall pictures as needed, especially in winter
  • Clean glass in back door inside and out, weather permitting
  • Sanitize door handles, light switches, etc.

Faith House

  • Sanitize door handles, light switches, etc.
  • Sweep floors
  • Wipe down tables
  • Mop Floors


The custodian will perform these tasks once a month:


  • Vacuum all upholstered chairs and seating. (May want to split this in 2 weeks.)
  • Clean pictures on walls if needed.


  • Clean top of the refrigerator
  • Wipe down fronts of cupboards and drawers

Fellowship Hall

  • Dust blinds
  • Wash windows inside once in a while


  • Vacuum pew and floor corners/edges with a canister vacuum

Faith House

  • Wipe down fronts of cupboards and drawers
  • Dust blinds
  • Wash windows inside once in a while
  • Clean top of the refrigerator

The custodian will perform these tasks on an as needed basis:

  • Re-order cleaning supplies (leave order in the Office Manager’s mailbox)
  • Pick up and remove cups and any other litter from of the church rooms.
  • Wipe walls to remove marks and fingerprints.
  • Occasionally wipe down the wood in sanctuary with furniture polish.
  • Keep storage areas clean and orderly.
  • Maintain open and effective communication with the Board of Trustees.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Physical Requirements:

Because of the regular bending, lifting, moving, and reaching required by this position, it is important that the custodian not have a history of physical impairment that would prevent him/her from performing the job, such as a chronic back problem.  Must be able to lift 50 pounds without hurting themselves.

Situational Responsibilities:

In the event of special functions within the church, the custodian may be required to clean earlier in the week to prepare for such functions, and to clean again following such functions in preparation for worship. Such functions may include special worship services, funerals, and weddings. In the event of a wedding, the custodian will be compensated extra by the wedding party.

Minor Repair Responsibilities:

The custodian shall be attentive to damages discovered within the church and repairs needed. The custodian is expected to complete small repairs at the time they are discovered providing such repairs can be accomplished quickly and easily. Any other repairs needed shall be reported to the pastor and/or chair of the Board of Trustees.

Custodial Supply Needs:

The custodian shall always be aware of the status of supplies on hand to properly clean and maintain the facility. A list of supplies needed shall be given to the pastor at least two weeks ahead of when they are needed.

Working Relationships:

The custodian works for, and reports to, the pastor as the immediate supervisor. The position is accountable to the Staff-Parish Relations Committee for performance of responsibilities.

Performance Review:

Conducted by the Staff-Parish Relations Committee on an annual basis at a minimum. Intermediate evaluations may be conducted as deemed necessary. For a person new in the position, an initial performance review shall be conducted after the first three (3) months of probationary employment. All performance reviews will be conducted in person with a written follow-up report of the review kept on file by the Chairperson of the SPR. A copy of all written reports shall be provided to the employee.

Termination of Employment:

Employment may be terminated by either the church or the employee, with written notification giving the other party a minimum of thirty (30) days’ notice. The employee may be terminated immediately when grounds for dismissal are warranted because of immoral or unethical behavior issues. This notification of termination shall be provided in writing. If warranted, termination following the 3-month probationary review may be placed in effect with one (1) week’s written notice.

Background Checks:

Any applicant for this position must be willing to have a background check completed if the church requests it.

The future holds many challenges for our church, but we will meet them with a strong desire to represent the spirit of Christ in all situations and in all places. The ultimate goal of the custodial position is to support the pastor, church staff, our Church Council leaders, and our members so that we can fulfill our mission:  As members of the Grand Valley United Methodist Church we seek to be “Loving” Christians: Growing in spirit, Acting in faith, while Serving the needs of people living in and around our community.”

NOTE:  Grand Valley United Methodist Church owns and maintains a parsonage at 14 Aspen Way, but the custodian is not responsible for the upkeep of this house or the grounds surrounding it.

Download Application Packet here.